It was horrible to see what was inside of me

It has been 8 months since my explant. I had CC Baker lV, ruptures and a hematoma. My doctor showed me pictures of the implants removed from my body. It was horrible to see what was inside of me, and I was lucky that the ruptures were contained within the capsules. My surgery and recovery was easier than expected. I had tubes for drainage. That lasted a week, but it really is no big deal. The pain after surgery was a 2. Didn't need pain medication. I was back to work in 2 weeks( my job requires lifting) I felt so good immediately, I really couldn't believe it. Prior to the explant surgery, I was in pain all the time. My chest, arms, armpits constantly hurt. It even hurt to breathe. My chest was deformed and felt cold all the time. I couldn't even vacum the rug without pain. I want to note here, I experienced coldness of my breasts and fleeting pain through out the 20+ years of having implants. Think twice before doing this procedure.
Now 8 months later, my chest is almost completely healed- doctor said it takes a full year for the pocket where the implant was to completely heal. But I feel wonderful!!! I can lift, rake leaves, do what ever I want without worrying about those awful implants. I have my strength back 100%, I have my life back! I have my own, natural body back and my breasts look and feel warm, soft & normal. The scars have faded to hardly noticable.
I want young girls to know that when I was 35 and had the implants, I was a 32A. I'm 57 now and I have much more breast tissue- as we get older, for some reason... you will gain more breast tissue. I'd say I'm a B-C cup now.
Please young ladies, consider that if you do this surgery, you will have to do more than once in your lifetime. There are no guarantees that you won't have complications. Looking back, it wasn't worth it.
My best to all women under going explant- choose your doctor with care. The first doctor I saw wanted to replace them and do a breast lift.??? Red flag. At least for me it was because I wanted them out! The doctor who did the surgery did not push replacing them. He cared about my health. He really cared about me.
God bless,

I am only posting a comment because this website gave me the courage to have my implants removed three days ago. A mamogram last fall showed that my right implant was leaking. I am 56 and have had silicone implants for 27 years, never a problem. The right one was harder due to contraction than the left, but no pain or distortion. I could not know for certain about the leaking without an MRI, which was rejected, of course, by my insurance. So, with encouragement from my husband and this website, I scheduled the removal. As time got closer I started to have second thoughts...why mess with something if it isn't broken? Why pay nearly $4000 out of pocket if it wasn't necessary? Why have empty skin hanging to my bellybutton if I didn't have to? How would I explain this to my adult children and my friends? On the other hand, who needs perky boobs at 56, no one else does! I went ahead and did it. Although the doctor wanted me to replace, he was cool about the removal. All he could say was what he took out of me was "nasty". The right one had leaked outside the capsule into the soft tissue, the left was also leaking although contained in the capsule. The result after 3 days? My left side looks fine, better than it did 27 years ago because I'm heavier. The right side is a bit deformed because of the more extensive work, the nipple puckers, but totally acceptable. Nothing like I had envisioned! I know some people go back later and have things tucked up a bit, but I'm thinking I may not have to! No tubes, pain pretty much non-existant, going back to work next week. So glad I did it.

This website is so valuable, and all of you women are so brave!

I had my first BA at 18, going from a 34A/B to a 34DD (600 cc Silicone), round and under the muscle. I was way too young to understand what I was doing to my body, except that I wanted to look and feel like a woman. I had spent all my summers in high school at the local pool as a life guard and seeing woman, small breast and large, I knew that's what I wanted.

As I grew more aware of myself and my body continued to respond so well to eating right and exercise, I saw a PS 4 years ago to have smaller ones put in. I had been having a little pain in the left breast and it has also "bottomed out" - meaning it had dropped almost an inch in comparison to the right breast. I always had a love affair with my right breast as it always looked and felt more natural! He said he would only feel comfortable with a 500 cc implant revision or I'd need a lift if I wanted smaller.

I'm still a 32DDD now (Victoria's secret).

I've just changed. I love my body, regardless of my implants, but do worry how I feel having them explanted. I get excited thinking about the clothes I could finally wear again without having to worry about how big my breast are going to look! How much thinner I will look without them! I've always identified with having a womanly body, but how will I feel when I am not as womanly up top any longer?

I go in for my first consultation next week (6/26/2013) with my PS from 4 years ago. I am going to ask his opinion on a removal with NO lift. Either way, I want to give my body at least a chance to heal on it's on and contract the skin before just slicing it away. If they don't go back in year then I'll revisit. Going to make 2 other appointments as well with other local PS's. If I could, I'd have them taken out today. I want this process started so I can begin healing, perhaps cerebrally and physcially.

Also, I am now 31.

Anyone go through a similar situation with explant and no lift after 13 years of 500/600 cc's??? Am I crazy for thinking they will contract? Is it different with explantation with the implant under the muscle?

Thanks ladies! XOXO, S

At 31, having breast implants was one of the WORST decisions I ever made. Having them removed one of the best. I got them for all the wrong reasons. The other issue is that I had agreed to one size and the surgeon went up one size...I was a very different person at 32 than I am at 54. It's amazing how much you change but also how much you stay the same. I had them removed this week, I already LOVE my "original" model and I have never been happier. I am not sure had the size not been so large to me if it would have been a better experience maybe but they were too big for me and I regretted having it done every day of my life since I got them. Although I am 54, I guess the boobs are still a source of interest because I was approached by a man at work who said there was a bet between him and a few of the guys on whether my boobs were real or fake. I am sure anyone reading this can imagine how I felt having this said to me. After this, I knew for sure I wanted them out and that was just one of the reasons. I wish you all the best and most of all do what is right for you. Always. Janet

I am scheduled to have my implants removed on Dec. 3. I am not having a replacement. For the last 4 years I have battled with the decision to have them removed and left out. I originally had implants in 1986, with no problems for almost 20 years. One had developed a deformity due to capsular contracture, and the other had ruptured (not known until surgery). I had these removed and replaced with new ones. Both times were silicone implants and both times I was pleased with the results. I had a number of difficulties after the replacement; developed DVT in one leg, one incision did not heal and had to be re-opened and sutured, I developed a severe case of hives for no known reason. Then I developed a chronic infection in the left breast. I went through several rounds of antibiotics over several months. I finally had that implant removed to let the breast heal from the infection. 7 months later, I had the implant replaced. Everything went ok for several months, then I developed rippling in that same breast. To the point where I can physically poke the implant back into the capsule. Apparently the capsule tore and the implant is protruding out. Not only does it look bizzare, but it is painful. I cannot do any type of exercise that involves my chest muscles (this set was placed on top of the muscle). If I do strain the muscle, inflammation occurs and another infection develops. Finally, this fall, I had developed a severe infection in the breast and went to a new plastic surgeon. He immediately put me on IV antibiotics for 3 days, and I'm still taking oral antibiotics. I will be relieved to be rid of the pain, and frankly, glad to be free of the implants. I think they make me look heavy, I'm tired of having to buy larger sized clothing just to fit my boobs so they don't pop the buttons open! And after many years, I have finally come to the conclusion that they are just a body part. They don't need to be the biggest, or the perkiest, or the best on the block. My health is much more important to me. Please pray for me, or send me good vibes; whatever you do. I will try to follow up after surgery.

I had my saline implants removed three days ago with an awesome, great surgeon. The doctor took lots of scar tissue out. I had huge breast implants for eighteen years. I went from a small 34 B to a 34 DD. The original surgeon made them bigger than what I had expected. Throughout the years, I developed a sharp pain on the left breast that radiated to my left arm down to the elbow. My white blood cells count were always low, and my ANA was over the roof. Being such a healthy, energetic person before I had breast implants, I have my suspicious the decline in my autoimmune system was probably related to my breast implants. However, the plastic surgeons I consulted do not believe in such a link.

Besides all of these, the big breast implants made me look heavy, and I did not like my looks in pictures. Those big boops made me look fat! I knew it was time to change them, I had my great doubts whether to replace them with the popular "gummy bears", cohesive silicone, smaller size, a full C. My new doctor agreed with the size. This time I chose a different, prestigious plastic surgeon, who realy seemed to care about me. After much thoughts, research, and consideration, I went with the removal and a lift and decided not to replace the implants for the time being. I did not feel mentally ready to have any other breast implants at the present time. I might in the near future, let's see. I want to experience if my stamina improves and if I get used to my A/B small cup size. My best advice to all the girls and women who plan for BA, keep away from D sizes. After a while, you will hate them, they are uncomfortable, make you look fat, and the bigger they are, the more risks involved. Also, may sure you choose a Board Certified Plastic surgeon with lots of experience even if it costs you more money. At the very end, your health is what really matters!!!!! My best to all of you!!!!

Hello everyone,
So thankful I found this support system, as I am very scared about the out come of my surgery. (June 18th 2014). Ive had these toxic bags for 24 years! I now have capular contracture baker IV. I'm 61 years old, and really worried how I will look, but hoping I'm going to feel better. Thats whats really important. I was an A- before my BA, now a C. My PS says I may be saggy, which does worry me, I'm not having any lift or replacement.
I always felt inadiquit about my breasts. In junior high my mother forced me to wear big padded bras. It was so embarrassing, especially when I had to take it off to shower for PE. Thats how my poor body image started. I wish i had gotten therapy instead!
I've had health problems ever since: thyroid (graves), lot of fibroid tumors, hysterectomy, parathyroinectomy, body aches.......
If you pray, please pray for me that i can accept the body God gave me the first time. Thanks for listening.

Hi Cynthia,
Your story sounds exactly like mine! I too am having explantation of my silicone breast implants this Wednesday, June 18th. I've had them for 39 years, since 1975. I went from an A cup to a C. I am now 56 years old and so tired of the contracture, not to mention the health issues that may or may not be related to them. I will be having a breast lift also, and the doctor says I will be small but perky! I'm looking forward to having them out, although I'll admit to being a little apprehensive about what I'll look like and how to explain my changed body to friends and my adult children. Good luck with your surgery- Ill update on how mine went.

I had my silicone breast implants (circa 1982) removed this month and I couldn't be happier. I'm almost 70 and my implants had been hard and uncomfortable for some time. My excellent PS wisely advised me to forgo getting new implants because I would be 90 when they needed to be replaced. I was so sick of being a DD as I'm a small person and had trouble looking right in clothes. My surgeon suggested a lift and I couldn't be more thrilled with the results. I'm a B now and my breasts look great. I've suffered with excessive inflammation in my body (auto-immune) for years and feel the broken implants contributed (if not caused) the situation. I know all the plastic surgeons insist that there's no connect, but when you have 2 inflamed foreign objects in your body, it only stands to reason that the inflammation would carry throughout your body. I hope more women my age with implants get the word that these outdated objects can be removed and you can get a lift and look absolutely great. Besides, once you're 60, big boobs are very unattractive and age your appearance. I had tubes for 3 days and was on pain meds for 2 days, and in 6 days I worked for half a day. It's really important to have the right surgeon. Mine was heavily experienced in explanation and lifts.

I'm so glad you feel better. I've had implants for 27 years and I've been unhappy and self-conscious about them for 95% of the time since I got them.

How do I go about finding a doctor who's performed many explants? I've been looking online but it's a tough procedure to zero in on and determine if the doctor is very experienced in this area. Thank you!!!

I have had four consultations, with four different Plastic Surgeons, with four completely different opinions.
I met several woman in the waiting rooms and some that worked at the actual doctors offices, that told me horror stories about their implants. One woman I met has had her breasts re-done nine times!! I'm on my fifth and want them out. I have had pain in my right breast for several months, if not years, it's apparently incapsulated and hard. One of the doctors said, between a 1 & 4 (4 being the worst he's seen), mine is between a 2 & 3. I scheduled my surgery for this Wednesday, however when I consulted with my PS, he said he didn't realize I wanted the Capsule removed, so the price went up by almost $2,000. I told him I would need to think about it and reschedule. I'm going to see another PS on Monday. I've been doing my research and this is what I read;
"The capsule is your body's response to your implants. It may contain silicone gel, silicone shell fragments, bacteria, calcification, and inflammatory cells which have been mobilized by your immune system to react to different components of the implant. Research has shown that the capsule does not disappear on its own when only the implant has been removed. In addition, if you have pain around the implants, it is usually due to the pulling effect of the scar on surrounding muscle and tissue. If you have health problems that could be from the presence of the implants, removal of the capsule is critical in improving your health."
I can't believe my PS was not going to remove the Capsule, etc. I don't understand why these doctors don't explain your options, instead you have to drag it out of them. Doing your own research and making the decision that is best for YOU, is absolutely imperative.
I'm going to another PS on Monday, that is actually active, with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. The one I saw today was not. Which I found out on my own, while doing my research. My PS in California told me to make sure the PS you choose is Board Certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. This is the most important thing when choosing a Surgeon.
I want my implants out, but I want it done right. I will go to as many doctors as it takes, until I find the one I'm comfortable with and that I trust….and I don't care what these doctors think.
This Breast Implant business is a huge racket. Once you get your first implants in, it's an uphill battle (for a high percentage of woman). Your body is trying to fight off a foreign object, as well as adjust to the size of your new breasts and our bodies aren't built to do that. Your body never adjusts to these foreign objects, so instead of being a source of pleasure, they become a source of frustration.
After a series of surgeries, while Plastic Surgeons reap the benefits $$$. We are faced with a harsh reality, should I leave them in and live with the pain or take them out and live with the damage. There are to many woman feeling the pain, physically, emotionally and financially from what they thought was going to be a pleasant experience. It is so very sad. Please think before you choose implants. Nothing is more beautiful than your natural body/natural beauty.

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