I have had nothing but trouble since my implants.

9 weeks ago I had a preventative bilateral mastectomy (tested BRCA1+) -- have bad family history, and am 42. Given both family history and my "positive" - I don't want to risk ever having BC - I have a few children and a wonderful marriage and husband and married almost 20 years.

I have always been small framed and chested. I had a great breast surgeon, in retrospect, regardless of ratings, a Plastic Surgeon that lacks compassion - to say the least. However, supposed to be technically superior. I have had nothing but trouble since my implants. And I asked for the SMALLEST ones because I didn't want to change my appearance, believe it or not. Given I have had multiple children and am in my 40s, I appeared to have enough natural "stretch" to accommodate the smallest implant- so that is what we chose. I've never considered augmentation, just not for me, so it seemed a perfect fit. However, once under (in OR), apparently once mastectomy portion as finished, and plastic started, I was very "fit" and they had difficulty putting in even the smallest implant (should have done expanders even for the smallest... but didn't!! They made them fit. I'm not sure what the proper protocol should have been (leave the OR - consult my husband who had POA?) -- not sure... but because I was "expanded" overnight, I experienced an overly agonizing recovery, etc...).. thankfully no infections, but it tooks (not joking) like 7 weeks for swelling to start to abate.

I have constant inside left breast pain, made worse when i bend down, no one can explain why.

Anyway- I re-met with my indifferent Plastic surgeon who gave me four options: 1. Hope PT fixes the left breast pain --- likely due to mismatched placement 2. Have both removed 3. have left removed, expander put in, then re-implant and hope it fixes the pain, but option 3 also inadvertently involves the right breast b/c what do you do to make sure they still match?

So - Im not the "usual" patient. I did this to be proactive about my health. I didn't turn it into an augmentation (I am too small and too athletic) - and frankly don't wear makeup, do my nails or my hair. I'm kind of one of those natural (don't think Whole Foods dreadlocks nice person) - but just natural.

It has only been 9 weeks.... but the thing that bothers me equally is I feel like they are sticky inside my chest- especially against my "rib cage side" - this feeling is most predominant in the morning. I can't explain it. I just feel like I have NO BREAST tissue, so if I have them removed, its not like I'll have my old breasts either. I'm not even sure I care, but I don't want to look deformed either. But I cannot get over this "fake" feeling and maybe its all in my head, but does it ever go away? Do you ever "not feel it' like a ring you have worn for 20 years? I'm curious.

I'm sure I"m not the usual post - but I'd LOVE any input. I do have a second Plastic opinion on MOnday with a highly regarded plastic surgeon - so Im getting a second opinion.... but would love some real-life input from ladies who have been through this - changed their mind for whatever reason... only I'm different - I had a mastectomy..... so mine won't fluff back... =(

Thanks in advance for getting back to me - I so hope you can provide some insight. --- Jen

I loved my implants for about the first 15 years, I was lucky mine always looked good until the last 3 years when one slightly capsulated.
After this I thought I would get them replaced, however my surgeon was savvy enough to suggest removing the liquid from them (they were saline).
Once the liquid was removed my boobs were perfect, no sag Or excess skin just perfect. So rather than get new ones I decided to have the old removed. I could not be happier, I have now lived two lives - 20 with huge boobs (34E) to a nice 34C.... I think they look so great now due to having the implants as they shaped my boobs.

I had a double mastectomy June 2013. I had my reconstruction December 2013 and I have hated them since they got put in. I have been fighting with my plastic surgeon since February to have them removed. I do not like mine because they ache all the time, they are uneven, they are ugly. I think I would rather have nothing then have these ugly boobs. I was an A cup before my mastectomy. I am having the same feelings you are having. I am hoping next week my plastic surgeon will set my appt up so I can have them removed.

I had the same exact surgery as you, for the same reasons, eleven years ago. The sticky feeling is from scar tissue. The fake feeling does not ever go away, it improves as the body heals. Getting deep tissue massage after everything is well-healed will break up the scar tissue, and allows the implant to slide more easily as you move. My problem is that my immune system started to react to the silicone shell after eight years or so. I didn't know that was what was happening. It took a long time to find a doctor who recognized this problem, and now I am scheduling a surgery to remove the implants, plus the scar tissue capsule that forms around the implant. I no longer care about the appearance of not having breasts, I can wear a bra with prosthetic breasts when I get dressed up. I just want my health and energy back. I have chronic joint pain and nerve damage, which I suspect is from bits of silicone sticking to nerve fibers and muscle tissue. These implants can be very dangerous. Look at Dr. Susan Kolb's website, book, and Utube interviews to learn more. Major cover-up by the big Pharmaceutical companies that produce these things, and by the MDs who make so much money it's obscene, implanting women and convincing patients that they are safe and painless. Big price to pay for image, if you ask me.

I am 66 and had a double mastectomy performed at age 33. The first time i was implanted with silicone implants with a double lumen to guard against silicone entering my body if they ruptured,. Well they ruptured in about 12 years and i didn't know it for a long time, but the silicone did leak and i have had problems ever since. I was reimplanted with saline and my left side ruptured last week. I am feeling so good since the rupture oddly. I am aware now of the pressure and discomfort of the other incapsulated implant that remains. i am planning to have both the ruptured and the intact implants removed next week. I have always had discomfort from the implants i had in the past. I may try padded bras to give me a little something to make my clothes fit better. I was widowed over 2 years ago and love to lead a very active life, especially the beach. i hope this all works out well, my Dr. said if it doesn't he can implant new and improved silicone implants. I would love to hear from anyone living without implants after mastectomy. how is it working out? Any hints?

I just had my implants removed yesterday. I feel so good. No pain. There are places you can go to and get mastectomy bras. Your insurance pays for 6 a year. I plan on wearing those for awhile. I hated my saline implants. I didn't feel comfortable and they were so ugly and uneven. Check with your insurance where you can go in you town or city. Merle Normans offers these bras and medical supply companies. You can swim with them also. Good luck. Keep me posted.

I have a preventative double mastectomy 8 years ago and have regretted it ever since. My surgeon couldn't remove the flap on the left (which still leaves me with the possibility of BC - long family history) so my plastic surgeon (Picture dumb blonde female in Chatt, TN) put in a different size implant in that breast. So uneven and hard and I hate them. I have a different health insurance now so they will not pay to have them removed. Hoping to be able to just have them removed and nothing else put in.

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