I HATE my breast implants

I HATE my breast implants, had them done at 19 and now 21. It is the biggest regret of my life, I want them removed ASAP. The implants have been a huge secret from all but select close friends, my mum and my ex bf. I feel like this 'secret' is a huge burden, I would be mortified if I were teased/talked about. My ex bf also didnt like them and Im pretty sure it influenced our break up (I think he was a bit embarrassed to have a gf 'with a boob job' even though he never said that in so many words an almost no one knows). I worry terribly about what judgement a new partner would have and if he would keep my secret and so it has effected me having relationships. I shy away from the touch of potential lovers due to this fear. I think that boob jobs are actually a huge turn off to the right kind of man.

I have previously suffered self esteem issues and sought after 'being perfect'. This boob job has given me the wake up call to see that we are what we are and something as shallow as bigger boobs is NEVER going to make us happy in the long run. Ive no idea why I thought it would. Its sad that some of us have to go through this to realize this :( but I have only myself to blame.

I hope to god when I get them out I will not be disfigured! But I know I would rather have these foreign bodies out and live with the scars. My advice is PLEASE DONT GET THEM DONE, take a closer look at what your actually looking for/feeling first because bigger boobs probably isnt truly it!


I had my implants removed and I am so happy that I did! I highly recommend it.
I did not have a lift or anything, just the implants removed, and my breasts are not saggy or wrinkly at all. They originally were an Acup and went up to a C w/implants. I had them in for about 10yrs.

I was living in San Francisco, and all the doctors in Cali. told me I would be horribly depressed, and that I needed to have the breast tissue cut and the excess removed or the skin would look like two deflated balloons. But I did not think the cutting and stiches on my breasts was a good idea.....I finally called the office where I had them 'installed', in Independence, MO., and they were wonderful. They said there is no need to have anything done to correct the look of the breast after having them removed, and in fact, the breast are usually a bit larger than originally due to scar tissue. And they were correct - my breasts look fine - no wrinkles or anything. And I am so happy to have those implants out. They were cold and hard and embarrassing. I also was afraid of any man touching my breasts.
I am happy to email you photos of my breasts, if you want.

My biggest regret is that the surgery caused me to loose sensitivity in my nipples...and that never did return.

Hi Eve,

I was browsing the stories and replies and your story is pretty close to mine. Also a (small) A cup before, C with implants and I'm considering removing my implants. It's such a hard decision though. Would you mind emailing ics of how yours ended up after removing the implants? I know thats probably an odd question, but it could be super helpful.

I had my implants removed over 10years ago, and I have never regretted it. I went from an A-cup to a C with the implants. And I had them just removed, no lifting or anything, and my breasts look fine. No wrinkles or anything. I would advice you to go for it.

If your impulse is to remove them, then don't wait. I am having mine out in a month's time, and I cannot wait. Nothing is worse than having to live with a secret, even one as inane as having implants you don't need.

Update: the sensitivity in my nipples was due to the original implants, not the removal.

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On the other hand, we are also looking for people still considering getting breast/ buttock implants, hair transplant, calf implants or some other cosmetic treatment.

I've just seen your post, and if you are UK based and would like to know more about the show or how we can help, it will be great to hear from you. If this is of interest, please drop me an email with your contact details to bodyshockers@endemoluk.com

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I think you were just having regret of your boobs job because your ex bf said he didnt like them It has nothing to do with breast implant complications. Dont blame on the implants. You're just too devastated about your broken up relationship. And theres nothing to be ashamed dating a gf with a boob job. This is lame...what im reading ! :) Dont know what type of man is that in the world. How is that after you have taken the implants out of your body... ? Im curious. I hope you're happy with your decision, not again.... Regret.

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