I had my implants removed and I am so happy that I did!

I had my implants removed and I am so happy that I did! I highly recommend it.
I did not have a lift or anything, just the implants removed, and my breasts are not saggy or wrinkly at all. They originally were an Acup and went up to a C w/implants. I had them in for about 10yrs.

I was living in San Francisco, and all the doctors in Cali. told me I would be horribly depressed, and that I needed to have the breast tissue cut and the excess removed or the skin would look like two deflated balloons. But I did not think the cutting and stiches on my breasts was a good idea.....I finally called the office where I had them 'installed', in Independence, MO., and they were wonderful. They said there is no need to have anything done to correct the look of the breast after having them removed, and in fact, the breast are usually a bit larger than originally due to scar tissue. And they were correct - my breasts look fine - no wrinkles or anything. And I am so happy to have those implants out. They were cold and hard and embarrassing. I also was afraid of any man touching my breasts.
I am happy to email you photos of my breasts, if you want.

My biggest regret is that the surgery caused me to loose sensitivity in my nipples...and that never did return.

Hi All,
I'm getting mine out today at 1:00 pm. It will be done under local anesthetic. I'm taking them out because my white blood count has been on it's way down since 1987 after they were put in. The first set were silicone; That set ruptured. Then in 2001 I had saline put in under the muscle. I have been having all kinds of rheumatologic issues...dry mouth, dry eyes, global motility disorder, fatigue, and a whole host of more weird issues! Most of which started in 2010. All my tests for lupus, arthritis, etc are normal. At one point they thought I had Sjogrens Syndrome. I went to the Guru at Scripps. He said its not Sjogrens! But something is suppressing my white blood count, and my motility! No one can figure it out! So my last ditch effort is to take out the implants to see if I am re acting to the bag itself.

I wanted to ask about removal with local anesthetic. I would love to get mine removed! Would really prefer local anesthetic. I was an "A" or "AA"before, and a larger "B" to a small C after. They are saline and I've had them for 16+ years. I don't want them replaced or any reconstruction. Any advice?

I had my implants removed under local anesthesia on 12/18/13. They were 425ml saline and I had had them in for about 10 1/2 years. The procedure took about 30 minutes and was a breeze. So happy to have them out. No lift planned and the breasts look pretty good. I am very pleased! I am getting complimented that I look like I have lost weight. I was worried since I am 57 years old and feared my skin was too stretched out and would look awful. I was barely a B cup before; was a full DD with the implants; seem to be settling in at a nice C now. Ironically, I now have the boobs I always really wanted :-) Good luck to you!

Hi,I've had implants for 10years now,I'm waiting for my appointment to have them removed,I'm so scared that my breasts will be saggy,I'm 54 I was a a/b cup &went to a c/d ,just hope they eventually return to there original a/b's &hi will be pleased ,any advice you can give me? X

Hi, was wondering if you had your surgery yet and if you did how do you feel about the removal now? I have had my implants for 10 years also and always felt they were too big for me. I am considering taking them out too but and so scared about how they will look.

How long did it take for them to look normal after the removal. Were they really saggy?? I am so wanting them out but scared they will look like a deflated balloon?

Did you have any capsular contracture (CC) going on with your implants? I'm wondering if local anesthesia is an option when one has CC of the implants.

After taking implants out are the natural bbreast look diflated I'm very worried about that. I'm wanting my implants out .

Had implants in 10 year got a rupture in one need removed feeling nervous ad I am a ff at mo was dd before what will I look like feeling anxious xx

Wondering how you are now and who did your surgery?

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