I feel like these implants look so unnatural on me

I'm 24 and I just got my implants 8 months ago. I'm already considering taking them out!! I'm a small girl, 5'4" 110lbs, with a pretty small bone structure, I feel like these implants look sooooo unnatural on me. I cannot believe I did this to my body! I had a nice butt and thighs before (in proportion to my body), now I feel like my hips look narrower and I just look top heavy.

My biggest concern at this point is the $$$. I spent so much to get them in and now I'm going to spend so much to take them out, - plus I'll have scars to show for it! I started with a 32A, and got 350cc anatomicals under the muscle (I think I'm a 32D or 32DD now), and I personally do not think they look any more natural than rounds, at all! Maybe even worse since they are soooo firm and I've heard they generally are.

What did you girls end up doing? I'm so confused right now, and just wondering if it's just my own insecurities and I'm over-thinking this.

forget about the money it is not important in the long term. You need to be happy with yourself.Have them removed when you have the money. You are going to try and hide under loose clothing now and will feel self conscious. There is nothing wrong with implants if that is what you want. Get smaller ones that are more in proportion to your body size. So you made a mistake it doesn't matter. Its hard to know what to expect. As you get older you will put on more weight and your breasts will get bigger. I think go for smaller ones and you will feel better.

I agree with the comment about doing it when you have the money and not worrying too much. You are still young, so know as you age, you will put on a bit of weight and your breasts will gain more tissue over the years. Had I known that, I wouldn't have had implants put in 20 years ago. If you do have them replaced with smaller ones, just remember you will face this decision once again years down the line, and the costs only go up over time. Good luck to you!!

I'm in the same exact situation as you. I'm 25 and I've had implants for almost 3 years now. I have never felt comfortable with them. I rushed into getting them without really thinking about it. I now have a surgery date next week to have them removed. I'm completely scared. I am hoping the outcome will be okay and that this is the right choice. My dr said it is pretty uncommon for younger girls to have them removed completely. So it's comforting to hear you are in a similar situation and I'm not the only one.

Hi Franki

I'm having the exact same issue as you. Could you please let me know how your surgery went? I'm thinking about booking mine for october.

Hi franki,
I've read your comment and realise it was last year. I was hoping you could tell me how the removal went and if you are happier now? I'm 26 and have had implants now for 6yrs and considering have them removed.
Are you happy with your result? My main concerns are the skin will be stretched and they will look odd. Do your beast look as they did pre implants?
Anything you can tell me would help a lot!
Thank you for your time.

I'm in the exact same situation like.both of you!
I regret getting the implants so badly!!
I mutilated my body :(
I'm so ashamed of them they look so unnatural I'm scared that no guy will take me seriously because of that
I wish I had the money to get them removed

I just got mine removed 3 days ago. Final result are unknown. Thankfully medical here paid for the removal but not the breast lift so that will come some time in the new year. In on the day of removal, I feel back to my old self. I was 21 years old 110 lb and got 400 cc. I ended up being a 32 E but during breast feeding I was 28 G. It was horrible. I don't know yet how I will look, I think I'm an A cup now and I'm really floppy. I have uneven breast at the moment too. I don't know if the implants are to blame.

Can you pleeeease tell me how you got your medical insurance to pay for your implant removal? I'm 26 and really want to get mine out so badly, worst mistake ever, but I can't afford it anymore :( Who was your insurance? Did you need a Dr note?

Im about 10 weeks post removal. It takes months for the breasts to settle into place and heal. Im very happy with t hem. They are soft and feminine. I am now a 14 c . Ig I loose weight I w ill be a b cu p I think. When you have implants remember you notice them more than others. And you are the most critical. Try not to over think and dont be hard on yourselves. Genuine love wont judge. Guys love a confident happy girl. Love yourself we all make mistakes no big deal.my husband lived me with implants and without. The problem was with my self esteem. It took implants for me to work out who I was.

I'm in the same situation as you. I am 22 years old and got them when I was 21 so I had them for a year. I am 5'1 110 pounds and got 425cc and now I am a 34D-DD. I used to wear 32a or b or could fit into a c depending on the bra. I feel like these look super big and fake on me, in photos it shows way too much and I just feel stupid for getting them. I might have them removed soon or get smaller ones idk what to do really, just feel stupid for wasting money on something like this

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