I am scheduled to have my implants removed on Dec. 3

I am scheduled to have my implants removed on Dec. 3. I am not having a replacement. For the last 4 years I have battled with the decision to have them removed and left out. I originally had implants in 1986, with no problems for almost 20 years. One had developed a deformity due to capsular contracture, and the other had ruptured (not known until surgery). I had these removed and replaced with new ones. Both times were silicone implants and both times I was pleased with the results. I had a number of difficulties after the replacement; developed DVT in one leg, one incision did not heal and had to be re-opened and sutured, I developed a severe case of hives for no known reason. Then I developed a chronic infection in the left breast. I went through several rounds of antibiotics over several months. I finally had that implant removed to let the breast heal from the infection. 7 months later, I had the implant replaced. Everything went ok for several months, then I developed rippling in that same breast. To the point where I can physically poke the implant back into the capsule. Apparently the capsule tore and the implant is protruding out. Not only does it look bizzare, but it is painful. I cannot do any type of exercise that involves my chest muscles (this set was placed on top of the muscle). If I do strain the muscle, inflammation occurs and another infection develops. Finally, this fall, I had developed a severe infection in the breast and went to a new plastic surgeon. He immediately put me on IV antibiotics for 3 days, and I'm still taking oral antibiotics. I will be relieved to be rid of the pain, and frankly, glad to be free of the implants. I think they make me look heavy, I'm tired of having to buy larger sized clothing just to fit my boobs so they don't pop the buttons open! And after many years, I have finally come to the conclusion that they are just a body part. They don't need to be the biggest, or the perkiest, or the best on the block. My health is much more important to me. Please pray for me, or send me good vibes; whatever you do. I will try to follow up after surgery.

Good luck! I know exactly what you have gone through and are going through, having had complications, pain, and deformity for years. It's terrible. I wish you the best. Please share your experience after the removal (I'm considering it)!

I'm considering having mine out after 29 years. How are you doing and are you pleased?

Hi, It's great to hear your stories. I have felt so alone in this journey. I have had CC for 2 years and just keep putting off making a decision. Someone told me of this site and said there were photos but I can't seem to find any. Am I just looking in the wrong place. I would love to see after results. Thank you in advance.

I have had silicone implants for 30 yrs. One has had severe capsular contraction for yrs now, and I just found out through mammogram that the other has a rupture. I met with the surgeon a couple of days ago to discuss removal. I had ever intention of removing them without replacement, maybe just a lift. The doctor told me I would not look good at all, almost deformed looking due to having them in so long, and how much tissue he will have to remove. He said even with the lift, I would just be flat , almost concave with nipples: that I would not want to show them at all. I am so disappointed about this, I just wanted to be free of them, but now I'm not sure. He really acted like I would be devastated with the outcome if I didn't do anything but removal. bummed :(

Please tell me what you decided to do.
How are you feeling now?
I have 28 year old silicone ruptured implant and one cc .
I'm scared I don't want to put anything back in because they want to use strattice I don't know how my breast will look like since they are leaking please reply.
Thank you

your case is the same as mine. please let me know what you decided to do. and how old are you?

I had my silicone implants of 26 years removed nearly one week ago. Breast implant removal or explantation with no lift was done due to a L breast implant had an extra-capsular rupture and the R breast a CC Baker's IV and intra-capsular rupture. I am 5'5 120lbs and 54 years of age, my breasts were a 34B pre-augmentation, and a 36B post augmentation. I am only six days post op, but with compression 24/7 and time my breasts are healing nicely and look better every day... I am told to give it 6-12 months to see the final result. My surgeon is great and I am hopeful that I won't need any further surgery :) I believe in a wait and see approach, as the inner breast tissues heal and mend, that may be enough... only time will tell!

Breast implant removal scheduled
Hi All,
At age 60 after 25 years of breast implants, I am scheduled to have them removed Jan 15. I went from an AA/A to a D, silicone over the muscle. I had no problems until about 3 years ago when I had the implants replaced. The problems with the new ones began within a year. Now I have Baker IV cc on both sides and the right one is looking deformed. I hate them and want them out! However, like many of you I'm concerned about how I'll feel emotionally after. I was a late developer, so small it was hard to find a bra when I did develop, and teased about being flat chested. My PS is recommending a breast lift as well because of my age and limited breast tissue. Unlike others I am not heavier and still very lean. My PS says the scar tissue should be removed. I would soooo appreciate hearing anyone else's experience in a situation like mine. To lift to not? To leave scar tissue in or not? Im so happy to discover this forum. It really helps to know I'm not alone!

I would to know how you are doing? I am meeting with dr.kold next week regarding explantation after 28 yrs with silicone implants. I have been going thru much anxiety over all this and no one to talk to. This website is a blessing to have people share. Best wishes.

Can you share how you are doing? I have met with a surveon but not yet scheduled as i dont know which way to proceed. Thanks.

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