Have spent the last 10 years with hard uneven breasts.

I am 56 years old and am having my explant surgery on July 6th, after have implants for 30 years. My first surgery was in 1982 and a few years later had both implants replaced because of capsules and found they both had ruptured. Have spent the last 10 years with hard uneven breasts. Again I a capular contracture of both breasts, one breast is higher than the other because of this. I went back to the same surgen that put them in and of course he wanted to reimplant with the new cohesive gel ones. He told me that my breast with just hang there if the implants were taken out since its me so long. I went for another opinion. I actually thought I wanted to just have the implants exchanged so I schedules my reimplantion date. When I went in for my preop visit last week I told then I decided that I just wanted them out. I have a appointment on wednesday to see the surgen to discuss if he thinks a lift would be in order. I have asemetrical breast, the reason I had the implants done in the first place. I had a lift on the left breast when the 1st surgery was done. I'm hoping that will make the difference now. I also want to see if he thinking sizing down the areola on the left would make thing more symetrical.(it is larger) I feel really good about my decision to have the implants out after so long. I'm sure my kids will notice, this is how they have know me there whole lives. I had them put in when I was 26, 2 yrs after my twins were born. I'm expecting the worst looking breast one they are taken out. Who's knows maybe i'll be surprise and they won't be so bad. My husband supports my decison, that helps alot. 12 days and counting.

My surgery is set for june 13. Have had my implants since 1980--ex husband took me to 3 doctors--I said no thanks---after not talking to me for three weeks I gave in. Am excited but worried. Physically I work hard. I cant't be laid up too long. Wish me luck

I would love to know how both surgeries above turned out, as both sound like my case scenario.
I am thinking about having my implants removed also, after almost 30 years!
=they are hard and I just hate my husband to feel them.
Any input would be appreciated!

Hi, had my explant yesterday... after 35 years of discomfort from implants its finally over... was really worried about how they'd look but to be honest even after less than 24 hours it's not too bad.. bit saggy, slightly uneven size but breast care nurse says that's normal and it will change almost daily... whatever they look like in the end though its already worth it... already feel so much better, if you're not happy with the plastic get it removed.. no regrets here..

Hi I am a 51yr old lady, I had my implants removed 3 days ago, the right breast was ruptured and they were pip! I had them put In 7yrs ago & an uplift , they haven't got the fullness & a few stretch marks but early days yet ! I am so happy with them my daughter said I look so much slimmer and my well being is fantastic since I had them horrible pips taken out, so much looking forward to the next few weeks when my scars have healed should of done this years ago but scared of the out come how wrong I was I am absolutely delighted yippee

I just turned 58 this month. My first breat augmentation when I was 22. The silicone implants never worked for me resulting in 6 revisions. Then at age 40, I found out that both of the implants had ruptured. The PS scraped silicone out of me for 4.5 hours. He implanted new saline implants. I'vevhad them in me ever since. 18 years. I hate them and I want them out of my body. I expressed wanting them removed but he said I would hate the results. I read a few post here that sound similar to my story. I have an appointment next month. I would really be so grateful if I can receive some input on some of your stories post extractions or explants. Thank you so much!

I am 55 years old, and have small 35 year old silicone implants that are ruptured.

I am so SCARED . . . . . speaking with a surgeon in three hours to explant.

Married for 33 years to a very supportive man.

I will have absolutely no breast tissue, just skin.

I want to think that I will be okay without my breasts, but it will be very difficult.

I haven't shared any of this personal information with friends . . . . . or my adult children (my third child's wedding in July).

I really appreciate any updates, advice, or support
Much gratitude!

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