I know it was absolutely the right decision

Hi everyone. I had Trilucent implants 20 years ago and had them removed and replaced with silicone about 15 years ago after Trilucents were found to be problematic. I had the implants put in thinking they'd change my life and make everything better when I was having marital problems and only my husband and a couple of other people ever knew about it. We moved to a new area and started a family and I feel like I've been keeping this massive secret and always dreaded anyone finding out, especially as my eldest is now a teenager.

I just had the explant done 4 days ago. I was hoping to find someone in my position on this site but all these comments were positive. I had PIP saline implants (from an AA to a full C) put in in 1998 with 2 ruptures in the right implant. Had a partial capsulectomy on one side and a full one on the other. The doctor explained nothing (I don't think he had done them before though stated he "had done a couple") and had no protocol for after care. He was the one who put them in originally. I have drains in for a few more days.

I have had nothing but trouble since my implants.

9 weeks ago I had a preventative bilateral mastectomy (tested BRCA1+) -- have bad family history, and am 42. Given both family history and my "positive" - I don't want to risk ever having BC - I have a few children and a wonderful marriage and husband and married almost 20 years.

I feel like these implants look so unnatural on me

I'm 24 and I just got my implants 8 months ago. I'm already considering taking them out!! I'm a small girl, 5'4" 110lbs, with a pretty small bone structure, I feel like these implants look sooooo unnatural on me. I cannot believe I did this to my body! I had a nice butt and thighs before (in proportion to my body), now I feel like my hips look narrower and I just look top heavy.

I had my implants removed and I am so happy that I did!

I had my implants removed and I am so happy that I did! I highly recommend it.
I did not have a lift or anything, just the implants removed, and my breasts are not saggy or wrinkly at all. They originally were an Acup and went up to a C w/implants. I had them in for about 10yrs.

I am scheduled to have my implants removed on Dec. 3

I am scheduled to have my implants removed on Dec. 3. I am not having a replacement. For the last 4 years I have battled with the decision to have them removed and left out. I originally had implants in 1986, with no problems for almost 20 years. One had developed a deformity due to capsular contracture, and the other had ruptured (not known until surgery). I had these removed and replaced with new ones. Both times were silicone implants and both times I was pleased with the results.

I HATE my breast implants

I HATE my breast implants, had them done at 19 and now 21. It is the biggest regret of my life, I want them removed ASAP. The implants have been a huge secret from all but select close friends, my mum and my ex bf. I feel like this 'secret' is a huge burden, I would be mortified if I were teased/talked about. My ex bf also didnt like them and Im pretty sure it influenced our break up (I think he was a bit embarrassed to have a gf 'with a boob job' even though he never said that in so many words an almost no one knows).